Mord’Sith Wisdom

It is tough to find active blogs revolving around Legend of the Seeker (or many of my off-air fandoms). This one is still posting and it is wonderful!

This is their most recent post: 😉 Look familiar? This is Cara, not Denna, but their outfits are similar, they’re both being tortured, and they both have blonde hair.

7 thoughts on “Mord’Sith Wisdom

  1. Finally read omen machine, and felt like blogging again (or commenting on other people’s blogs)
    So anyway, it wasn’t the most action packed Goodkind I’ve read, but it was okay. *Spoiler*
    For a while, i didn’t think that kid would make it, but it’s cool that he did.
    I think his philosophies do make sense, and I’ve stalked him a bit on Wikipedia,(turns out it’s the whole concept of this philosophy thingy called Objectivism) even if I am a christian and I’m really big on faith.
    Jit? I laughed when I read about her.
    It’s hard to beleieve there was anything worse than the order all along, and They’re just coming along m=now. Since Nathan the slide, I didnt think it could get any worse, I stand corrected.
    I honestly hope that Nicci and all the other mord-sith find love. Especcially since confessor

  2. LOL!
    We all love Cara. Kahlan is too much of a goody-two-shoes, Mary-Sue type person. I dont like such people. Fictional or otherwise. Nikki is cool. You bought third kingdom? I downloaded it. Illegally. They dont exactly sell the newest Terry Goodkinds in Nigeria, so I didnt have much of a choice. Havent started reading it. Going to start with omen machine. Sounds promising. (For a Terry Goodkind)
    Really sorry. I dont feel like writing. I’m not even punctuating properly because the mood isnt right.
    You’re cool.

    • I don’t have a problem with her because she is a goody-two-shoes, I have a problem with her because she is weak. She always needs saving. No one is an island, but seriously woman! Something needs to change in how you approach life because no one else gets in trouble as much as you do and there are others around you with just as much of a price on their head (ex., Zedd, Richard).

      Yes, you should definitely go in order from Confessor to Omen Machine, otherwise Third Kingdom won’t make as much sense. However, as you no doubt already know, Goodkind often does little re-caps of important plot points from earlier books. Therefore, it may be possible to read Third Kingdom without reading Omen Machine. I think reading in order is the best plan though. After Third Kingdom ended, I thought, “YES, MORE NOW Goodkind!” whereas after Omen Machine, I considered not even buying Third Kingdom. Omen Machine wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t nearly as good as Goodkind’s earlier books, in my opinion.

      Haha, no worries! I understand not wanting to write!

  3. No, I havent read omen machine. Still on Sword of truth series. His philosophy…. Yeah. Sometimes he simply refuses to get to the point of the story when he gets too carried away explaining his thoughts (whenever Richard talks to Zedd, Richard talks to Kahlan, or when he explains his reasons for doing things to people)
    *Not sure if this counts as a spoiler, but I’m going to risk it*
    I remember when I read naked empire, I had to skip through some parts, because he was spending so much time explaining the difference between good and evil to a punch of stupid ungifted people. He was taking so long talking, that the real action started around chapter forty-something.
    But then I went and read chainfire… You know how Terry Goodkind never seems to feel the need to explain in detail what Jangang and the order did with the people of the towns they took over? I think he got past that. Usually, he just says how there’s no living soul, and that the streets are littered with bodies, houses destroyed, and such. For the first time, he told us what really went down. It was a miracle that I didn’t get sick.
    I hope Terry Goodkind doesnt kill off Cara or Zedd or Ann. Cara has always been my favourite character. I wouldnt mind if Kahlan died, though. It would give Richard a clearer head, and a better chance to save the world.
    But hey, he’s still the awesomest disturbed ponytail- ex-convict looking writer I know.
    Us Goodkind fans should be proud. If you’ve ever read a Terry Goodkind without getting sick, jumping off a cliff, crying, or becoming mentally ill, you deserve an award.

    • Yes, exactly! I think to myself, “Shut up! I get it already!” Yeah, I remember the passage you’re talking about; he was explaining his ideals to the villagers. And yes, Chainfire was graphic! I think the worst was *spoilers* when Kahlan went through towns destroyed by the Order with the Sisters. I don’t need to read about foreign instruments sticking out of abused dead people. I’m not into snuff.

      I will cry if he kills Cara! NOOOOOO! I LOVE her! I really hope he doesn’t kill her. Ann and Zedd would be sad to, but Cara has a special place in my heart. LOL about Kahlan! Personally, I think he and Nikki would’ve been better off. I adore Kahlan, but she is a damsel in distress much too often. Learn to take care of yourself, woman! I can’t say she was at fault for any of her captures, but I bet Cara wouldn’t be in such dire straights all the time. I don’t know. She is strong in her own right and the Confessor powers are neat, but it is like when those 2 are around each other, they both get weak/ don’t think clearly. Perhaps that is what love does to anyone and Richard would be the same way about Nikki or anyone he loved. However, we know Nikki would not be like Kahlan. One part of the couple has to be clear-headed in the face of danger.

      Haha, that he is!

      Bwahaha, that made my day! You’re absolutely right! 🙂

      Fyi, I bought Third Kingdom and so far, I like it more than Omen Machine.

  4. It’s great that there are other fans out there. I love Terry Goodkind. Who doesn’t? Oh. Yeah. My mom. She thinks it’s awfully graphic and unnecessarily violent. I agree to some extent, it’s Terry Goodkind’s thing, though. He can be really vague sometimes, disturbingly deep at other times and just plain deranged sounding most times. But who cares? He’s awesome. Good to know that you appreciate his talent.

    • Sometimes it disturbs me, have you read Omen Machine? I had to skip a lot of the Hedge Maid stuff. Also, Cara and Defran was graphic. Most of the time, I enjoy it though. There is a line between deep (Denna and Richard scenes) and disturbing (Hedge Maid). Oddly enough, I agree with a lot of his philosophy, but by Temple of the Winds, I was skimming polemic sections. I get it already! Nonetheless, I love the books and the TV show. 🙂 Heck, despite Omen Machine being my least favorite Goodkind book, I’ll probably buy 3rd Kingdom. I want more Kahlan, Richard, and Cara!

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