Christian Domestic Discipline

Admittedly, my knowledge is limited. However, I don’t like the idea. Perhaps I should not care are the reasons behind a Dom/me’s motivation, but I do.

I do not believe anyone (…except myself…) is worse or better than anyone else. I do not believe women are less than men. I do not believe women should be subservient or men must be dominant. I believe there are differences between genders which may predispose someone to certain roles, for example, caregiving. However, I do not think that means anyone is relegated to a certain position. Women do not have to be stay at home mothers, women do not even have to be mothers, and men can make great stay at home dads! I believe submission is right for me. I do not think it is right for all women, nor do I think it is wrong for a man to be submissive.

With this in mind, CDD bothers me because proponents teach that God gives men the right and obligation to discipline and guide his wife. I do not believe any deity gives someone the right to dominant me. I submit because it feels right to me, not because I think God or the universe or society demands it. If I chose, I can submit to a woman and that makes me no less human. In fact, I would rather submit to a woman who earned my trust and devotion than a man who did not.

Zedd_PrincessCara_no such thing

The idea that God gives someone the right to punish their spouse on the basis of gender or any other reason bothers me. No one has the right to do anything to me; they earn the right to hurt me and teach me because they prove themselves intelligent, trustworthy and caring.

I feel hypocritical vetting someone else’s motives, when I am not so sure my masochistic/submissive motives are pure, but CDD does not sit well with me.

Do you have thoughts about Christian Domestic Discipline or any type of religion-sanctified gender role?

2 thoughts on “Christian Domestic Discipline

  1. I’ve been meaning to blog about this, well, not CDD per se, but the fact that merely because some women are submissive, it can’t be taken to be the norm. There is thin line between submitting by choice and abuse through forced submission. I can only remember Lord Acton’s words when I think of what it suggests, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Certain roles are better suited to the society set genders, but who is to say that a man cannot take adequate care of a child and a woman can’t run a company? It is preposterous to think that women are not equal to men. I know, as a submissive woman, it does not ring true coming from me. But I choose to be subservient to my Master. It doesn’t make me subservient to all of mankind. It is a sign of my respect, just as I do for my parents.

    Once it is said that women are subservient to men, we are regressing to the times where it wasn’t required that women get educated, or have an opinion at all. And that isn’t progress. Choice, on the other hand, to be free and find something that suits you is progress, I believe. Religion shouldn’t be forced down people’s throats, neither should opinions like women are not as important as men, and exist to serve them. The opposite is not wanted either. Men aren’t subservient to women either. It shouldn’t be a mark of being ‘manly’ if a man can throw a perfect punch. There are diverse qualities, each with their merits and demerits and each comes with a set of detractors and supporters. Live and let live is the best solution. Let us choose to be who we are, not because “nature” intended for it to be so, but because that’s who we want to be at the time.

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