Trying a Different Type of New Year’s Resolution

Usually, my resolutions involve grades or weight. This year I’m shying away from external measures of “success”.

My New Year’s Resolution: Accept myself (the limits of my IQ – potentially crushing 😦 – , struggles with mental illness – eating disorder, anxiety, depression – , kink, bisexuality, appearance, even *gasp* weight)

I need to come up with ways to facilitate this. I cannot remember a time I liked or accepted myself. So far, talking and blogging about my insecurities yields a surprising amount of revelations. I think it forces me to elaborate my thoughts to clarify them for others, exposing fallacies. It also helps limit rumination, which only perpetuates negative emotions and does not lead to solutions. However, I don’t know what else I can do to foster self-acceptance.

What things do you think I should do to encourage self-acceptance?

4 thoughts on “Trying a Different Type of New Year’s Resolution

  1. Self acceptance opens doors to other interesting things!

    I note the same problems. I have them too – almost all of them!

    However, I’d like to differ on your point of saying that limiting rumination breeds negativity. When you’re not ruminating/brooding, you can utilise the time better. It helps you (sometimes) to find the source of your brooding and see if you can tackle it. I think it’s always best to express what one is thinking, even if it is in a personal diary nobody will read.

    I took to blogging to probably have some people read what I was going through. And it helps knowing you’re not alone in this situation.

    Use the blog to rant. Anonymity has its benefits 😛

    • Like what doors?

      I know you have law school problems and accepting kink problems, but I’m sorry you have to deal with any of the other things to.

      Hmm, that is an excellent point! What do you think helps identify the source?

      It does help knowing I’m not alone; you’re awesome on that count! (and I appreciate it!!)

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