Law and Order: SVU Psycho/Therapist

I’m still sad Detective Rollins wasn’t kinky, since her friends were into BDSM.

PLEASE, oh please let there be flashbacks with new footage in the next Law and Order: SVU episode! I was disappointed by this season’s opener (Surrender Benson). The writers and producers built up so much hype and then very little happened. It was Undercover all over again. Undercover was great and on its own Surrender Benson is great, but after already doing the “Olivia-almost-raped” plot in Season 9, Undercover, and leaving Season 14 on a high-drama cliffhanger, I expected more.


One thought on “Law and Order: SVU Psycho/Therapist

  1. I don’t completely understand your disappointment with the season premiere if I’m being honest. Yes, I agree that they already did the “Benson nearly gets raped” thing in 9×15 but this was completely different. She wasn’t alone in the prison in 9×15 because Fin was there and there were other people around too. She wasn’t taken hostage and tortured she was just taken to the basement and assaulted really. Yet you feel as if that was a more powerful episode than the opener? Olivia was taken hostage in her own apartment, couldn’t contact anyone, she was tortured and scarred, forced to watch him rape another woman, he threatened to shoot her at least once and was very nearly raped. I’m sorry, I understand you’re entitled to your own opinion but it just doesn’t make much sense to me. I still think 9×15 is a very powerful episode but I also believe that the season 15 premiere went above the level that the bar was raised to in 9×15. Anyway, I can’t wait for the new episode. The promo has me on the edge of my seat and I genuinely hope it’s better than the hype.

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