Today Everyone Hates School as Much as I Do!

Yesterday everyone panicked, which was nice because I felt better about my sorry state. This morning, my section’s first class was Legal Research and Writing. It was hilarious. Our professor enters the room and says, “I’m really looking forward to reading your papers!” Everyone laughs, then she says, “Well, that doesn’t sound good…”

Later she said not to worry about our 2nd brief until next week. We should get some sleep, catch up on the other classes we’ve been ignoring, and do something nice for ourselves. It was funny because it is true! No one has slept or read for other classes. In fact, in Contracts on Tuesday, the professor tried to cold call people, but they kept passing! Everyone was dead tired this morning and not really paying attention. Of course, she noticed and laughed, “You guys are thinking you don’t pay me enough for this.” HAHA, THAT IS RIGHT, WE PAY YOU!

As we left a boy said, “Yeah, we won’t be working on LRW. I think we all have some soul-searching to do!” I felt more comradery with them than I usually feel. Felicia Day_it is easy to bond over hating something together

She is my favorite professor. She said she won’t be with us at internships, so we need to be confident. Then she said, she’ll respond to emails or frantic calls over the summer, but she won’t necessarily be able to help because of the area of law. I thought that was incredibly sweet! I’ve never had a professor say they can help after the class is over!

Plus, she ended with good news. She said our writing program is more rigorous than most law school’s LRW. In fact, she hears from employers saying graduates from our school are exceptionally good at writing briefs and motions, even students who got Cs in LRW. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Today Everyone Hates School as Much as I Do!

    • Well, as long as they don’t expect much of me and are willing to teach me to write better, I’d be fine. I’m just pretty sure no one would want ME as an intern! Oh well

      Btw, I decided to go this afternoon. In case something goes bad between now and then (say I get cold called and don’t have an answer), which makes me want to give up for the day, I asked a friend to text me right after class encouraging me to be brave and take a chance, and also not be rude (by ditching him without warning).

      • Here, at least, a lot depends on where you work as an intern and who you know. Hope it’s better for you.

        Do not ditch. Sending you courage and good sense 😛 Good luck!

        • Oh yeah, it is definitely all about who you know for getting positions! I’m fine in that department; my parents and grandparents grew up here. My mom keeps giving me names and numbers of lawyers to contact, but so far I’m too mired in work. In addition, it scares me because I feel like if I make a fool of myself, I’ll reflect poorly on my family or on the contact. Plus, I’m part-time. So, I will have 8 less credit hours than the typical 1L. I don’t know how people handle interns, in terms of what is expected.

          Thanks!! I’m excited, when I’m not terrified…

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