Criminal Minds: Today I Do s6e15

This criminal minds episode hits WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME! Jane, a former Anorexic, now Bulimic, likes dominance. Her boyfriend is into micro-management. After he breaks her jaw, she breaks up with him. Sometime later she moves in with dominant friend. The friend helps her “recover” through taking complete control. They must have talked about sexual fantasies at some point because as soon as Jane sees her friend, after waking up chained to a bed, she stops freaking out. The friend asks why she was freaking out. Jane says,  “I thought I’d been kidnapped by a psychopath. I haven’t done this before. How was I supposed to react?”

jane CM

After that things start going crazy. Jane stops playing the game and asks to go home and this makes the Domme very, very unhappy. So, she reenacts that awful hobbling scene from Misery (1990). The friend is a serial killer. Her previous victim was severely depressed.

Rossi: “Your daughter is specifically vulnerable to this suspect because of her private emotional issues.”


They also talk about how all these things boil down to control. Mayhap I have control issues? :p

8 thoughts on “Criminal Minds: Today I Do s6e15

  1. I completely missed this aspect :O

    In all fairness, I think Rossi says that to avoid “outing” Jenna.

    Control issues. Hmm, I know I have one. I have given it to someone else 😛

    • You watch CM to?! LOL, Idk why vanilla people watch it. Obviously they do since its been on for 9 years. I know people like procedural shows, but CM is torture heavy.

      Really? That is possible. I thought Rossi was talking about her mental health in general, but since her dad already knew about that, it would make more sense to just outright say it. I was a bit surprised they showed Jenna in a positive light, then again she did have a long eating disorder history. Only crazy people are into BDSM. :p However, I don’t remember any other episode addressing consensual BDSM.

      Bwahahaha! True!

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