Afraid of Growing Up Stereotype

I fit so many stereotypes for eating disordered people; it hurts.

  • White
  • High socioeconomic status
  • Afraid of growing up
  • Female
  • Relapse-Recovery-Relapse-Recovery-Relapse
  • Emotionally dysregulated
  • Cutter
  • Selfish
  • Emotionally immature and childish
  • Co-morbid mood and personality disorders (I remember joking with a friend that once we turned 18, if we still had an ED we’d be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder because it seemed like everyone we knew from treatment over 18 had that Dx. Surprise! We both have that diagnosis. My most recent treatment team disagrees, but nonetheless, one person diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder)
  • Distorted body image
  • Control issue
  • Perfectionist

Today I argued with my mom about doing my fair share of the chores around the house. Perhaps argued is not the right word. We weren’t yelling. My mom was perfectly nice about it, until I started getting defensive. I cried. The argument I had with my dad yesterday was about taking responsibility for myself (Ex. getting my headlight fixed, making doctor appointments, waking up at reasonable hours). I’m avoiding all those things for specific reasons. The headlight- money, doctor’s appointments – I’m afraid of the results, and sleeping is just more peaceful than being awake.

There was no reason for me to cry while talking to my mom. As I said, she was nice and reasonable. She didn’t understand why I started crying and I didn’t want to admit the real reason. So, I was just a jerk.

I cried because I am afraid of growing  up. That entails so much. I’m afraid I can’t handle living on my own. I’m afraid my depression and eating disorder will consume me so completely that I won’t function at all and I’ll lose my job. Losing my job means losing health insurance and income. If I’m not making money, I can’t pay bills. All the responsibilities of living on my own and financial independence seem overwhelming. I don’t want to try and then fail. I’d rather let my ED handicap me, so that I never have to try. If I never have to try, I never have to face failure.

Yesterday, my first inclination was to dive so far into my ED that no one expects anything from me. Today, I wanted to cut enough to wind up in the ER. If I’m in the ER for psychiatric reasons, no one would pressure me about school or being a fully functional adult.

Clearly I'm not handling this well_Xander_Buffy

I feel like a pathetic, weak piece of shit admitting this function of my ED and I don’t know how to get over it.


2 thoughts on “Afraid of Growing Up Stereotype

  1. I get that you feel like garbage for recognizing your motivation. I don’t blame you BUT I just did a 5 week course that was supposed to help me figure out why I won’t change.
    This is where you get a high five: in one post you identified tour fears and your ” big assumption” I.e losing your job etc.
    This is actually progress! The entire 5 weeks was geared for this… Yeah definitely a PD Deal.
    I don’t want to freak you out but I find most of being a grown up is pretending to know what the hell you’re doing.
    Frankly our mental illnesses make us grown up professionals as we’ve been pretending to have our crap together for years.
    You’re right , you’re textbook ED but that doesn’t make it easier. I understand the temptation to take the trigger but if you can hold off. I won’t lie and tell you it gets better but you’re not alone.

    • Ha, thanks for the high five! You’re right; it is progress. 🙂 What course was it? Did you figure out the reason(s)?

      What do you mean my big assumption? I’d definitely lose my job if I went into a total relapse!

      Lol, I like that way of looking at it!

      I guess I just think that since I’m so stereotypical, I should be able to use some formulaic answer to recover. Somehow, recovery should be easier. I’m not making sense.

      Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone.

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