On Super Powers

This GIF ¬†got me thinking…As much as I adore bad asses with magic or science so advanced it looks like magic, some of the most heroic people in the fictional worlds the aforementioned characters come from, are the people without super powers.

Case in point, in the above GIF, Xander Harris confronts Dark Willow. Willow is a powerful, extremely angry, revenge and grief motivated Wiccan trying to destroy the world. Xander is her childhood friend with no super-human ability whatsoever. Yet, he confronts her. One could argue if he had not confronted her, he would die anyway. Therefore, his actions were not heroic, they were self-preserving. However, he risks his life¬†countless times for his friends and innocent people. Unlike Willow’s magic or Buffy’s super strength, Xander has no¬†supernatural help¬†when fighting monsters. Although they all risk death, Xander has no extra¬†weapon. He is more vulnerable. As a result, he risks more¬†than the others each time he fight evil. Yay Xander (and other non-gifted, normal, but brave humans)!

Xander_snoopy dance

Kiera Cameron: Fandom Explored

In an earlier post, BDSM: It‚Äôs not about the pain; it‚Äôs about trust.¬†Right?!, I mentioned my love of strong female characters. Although I dismissed a potential contradiction, I do find it a bit odd. My favorite TV characters have¬†similarities; they’re mostly tough, independent, fighters. To try to find more common characteristics, I’m going to do quick character analyses.

Kiera Cameron from Continuum (Thanks for the introduction Netflix!)

Kiera¬†is smart, good at her job, and principled. She is also adaptable. She is a police officer in 2077. While guarding condemned prisoners’ high profile execution, she is pulled back in time to 2012 during their escape attempt. Even though she wants her son and husband back, she is willing to save lives or do what seems right at the moment despite potentially altering the future. She is independent and resourceful, lying her way onto the police force. Granted she has¬†some high-tech help. She is a BAMF.